Provider Network Optimization

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Glenridge has developed a proprietary technology called EcoPATH™ that helps health plans identify and manage risk readiness and value-based care. This creates greater visibility into individual provider performance and stronger connection points throughout the network.

Our team of network experts utilizes EcoPATH™ to analyze provider performance and generate specific actions that deliver efficient, high performing, aligned networks. EcoPATH™ assesses and improves network alignment and patterns of care by optimizing case mix and strengthening referral networks. Additionally, it monitors contract performance and pay-for-value arrangements to effectively manage ACO’s and other risk-bearing entities.

The EcoPath™ platform aggregates public (CMS, NPI, etc.) and proprietary claims data to produce network and provider level views of alignment, cost and KPIs. Our clients can access reimbursement and market scores information in a convenient dashboard format through a personalized user interface.

EcoPath™ helps our clients:

  • Understand membership risks
  • Gain actionable insights into cost
  • Analyze group leakage
  • Monitor contract performance and pay for value arrangements
  • Identify and reduce low value care
  • Control costs and educate providers