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The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is not only a key pathway to care management and patient satisfaction, but it’s also a legitimate stepping stone to an accountable care organization (ACO). Given recent efforts to cut health care costs and improve quality, it’s no surprise that the development of medical home initiatives continues unabated around the country.

Closer inspection of the PCMH reveals considerable efforts to:

  • Engage and educate patients
  • Fortify the model with a framework of IT and infrastructure
  • Teach doctors the medical home’s dual priorities of care coordination and healthcare quality.
Glenridge HealthCare Solutions works with provider organizations on clinical integration and provider alliances. This includes work with delivery systems to develop PCMH programs that expand the reach and revenue for the clinicians, enhance the quality and accessibility of care for members, and reduce the cost of care for payers.

Glenridge has particular experience working with payers on PCMH program development and implementation. For example, Glenridge was instrumental in the roll-out of a regional payer-sponsored PCMH program in which over 3000 (75 percent) of a regional Blue Cross Plan’s primary care network providers were enrolled in an ambitious and sophisticated PCMH program.

Glenridge’s expertise in managed care program design, physician practice operations and technology, and provider engagement campaigns enabled our health plan client to achieve its program objectives. In particular, we helped improve provider engagement and alignment, while generating significant improvements in cost and quality indicators across all products.

As providers and payers work more closely to cut costs, improve quality and engage patients in healthcare outcomes, programs such as PCMH have become critical building blocks to accountable care and population health.