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Working with government programs, specifically Medicare and Medicaid, can be difficult. At Glenridge HealthCare Solutions, we have made this a particular strength of our team. Here are some of the ways in which we can put our years of experience to use:

Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, state and federal governments have sought new ways to serve disabled citizens and those who are dually eligible. We can help you respond to these requests and propose projects for many other initiatives under the ACA. Our depth of experience with integration of care models in long-term support service (LTSS) and medical networks spans multiple markets. This allows us to adjust to changing requirements and provide perspective on lessons learned. Working with both health plans and provider organizations gives us a unique ability to communicate the concerns of each and provide context for integrating their strengths. This paves the way for productive contractual relationships. We can assist with Medicare Advantage applications, bid submissions and approval processes. We can also handle MSSP applications/approval and full-scale feasibility analyses with P&L development for Medicare and Medicaid lines of business.