Announcement: CredSimple has acquired Glenridge Health.

Glenridge Health acquired by CredSimple – this is what that means for our clients.

Glenridge Health acquired by CredSimple –
this is what that means for our clients.

From the outset, Glenridge Health recognized that technology, coupled with our team’s subject matter expertise, could create more efficient and effective provider networks for our clients. We have developed a suite of proprietary, cloud-based network development and management tools that have made us the leading, national Provider Network Solutions company.

Our priority has always been to address the evolving needs of our clients. As we have grown, we’ve made significant investments in our technology so that we could offer our customers a more vertically integrated and streamlined solution.

With that in mind, today we took a significant step forward in fulfilling the broader provider network management needs of our clients. We are pleased to share that Glenridge Health has been acquired by CredSimple, a cloud-based healthcare credential verification organization that serves health plans, independent physician associations, telehealth companies, and healthcare organizations that manage provider networks. Its Credential Verification Cloud (CVC) platform enables healthcare organizations to manage and monitor their compliance needs around credentialing. In other words, we serve the same customer base.

In fact, Glenridge Health and CredSimple already partner to deliver end-to-end network management for clients. This acquisition further enables us to support the market and our clients with a vertically integrated and comprehensive offering. Our commitment is to ensure clients have a product to efficiently build, manage, and optimize their networks.

Our mission to service the entire provider network lifecycle just got more achievable, and we’re excited to invite you to join us. You can look forward to innovative products and specialized services in the near future further elevating provider network management as a competitive advantage. To learn more about our provider network management solutions, or to contact us directly, please email us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!