The Analytics Toolkit Designed to Simplify Your Network Optimization Journey

Rapidly and continuously assess market opportunities, analyze and implement solutions, monitor adequacy, and meet all reporting requirements with EcoPATH.



No matter where you are in your network life cycle, EcoPATH enables payers and providers to understand network cost, quality and clinical alignment drivers to ensure success.

Gain innovative insight into your network and achieve your clinical and financial network goals.

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The EcoPATH toolkit is comprised of four product offerings assuring network quality, marketability and profitability.

A comprehensive and proactive network monitoring program that identifies risk and offers solutions for network adequacy and directory validation with timely responses to regulatory audits to avoid financial penalties and marketing sanctions.

The simplified way to manage the multifaceted application filing process with strict requirements and compressed deadlines.

A population focused approach that identifies patterns of care and leverages provider relationships to improve network performance, increase provider engagement and identify value-based contracting opportunities.

Analytic profiling tool used to assess individual provider efficiency and quality for network optimization modeling.

Learn how a subscription to one or all EcoPATH packages combined with our various levels of bundled value-add consulting services is your answer.