Glenridge Health is a leader in provider network development, management, compliance & optimization.

We partner with Payors and Providers to build, manage and optimize high performing, cost-effective networks.

Our solutions control costs, improve outcomes, ensure compliance and deliver value for national, regional and local clients. We have established successful networks for all health plan products including commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Duals (MMP) and LTSS/HCBS, as well as specialty networks including dental, behavioral and workers compensation.


Provider Network Management

Glenridge Health builds, maintains and optimizes provider networks through every stage of the Network Lifecycle, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Provider Network Compliance

Accurate provider data is critical for your success. Our comprehensive solution ensures provider data validation and accuracy.

Provider Network Optimization

We analyze provider performance and generate specific actions to deliver and maintain efficient, high-performing and aligned networks.


We are focused on driving and optimizing mutually beneficial provider/payer relationships. We understand the needs of all stakeholders and can develop solutions that leverage the strengths of each party.

A Proven Track Record

Direct Experience

Our management team consists of talented individuals who have experience in key matters such as provider contracting, medical economics, data management, network infrastructure and IT application development.

Informed Decisions

Analytics is a key aspect of our service in all engagements. Glenridge Health maintains a continual focus on developing and enhancing our analytics tools and expertise to assure ongoing value to our clients.

Proven Framework

We offer our clients comprehensive support as they launch managed care initiatives. This includes staff augmentation, as our talented and flexible team can work remotely or on the ground to guide a plan’s implementation with seasoned hands.


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